Epic Novel Writing Workshop

Do your want to write an epic novel, either a huge fantasy or science fiction book?

In this class we will work with Best Selling Author, Rafael Hohmann, to study some of the best books and films on the topic.

You'll be studying and writing epic fantasy and science fiction novels in particular.

Have you ever wanted to write an epic novel, a big book, whether it be a fantasy novel like Lord of the Rings or science fiction novel like Dune

These are the kinds of books that typically win millions of fans and can make hundreds of millions of dollars for the author.

In this class, we will help you prepare to write your own epic.

Phase One: we’ll study the works of epic masters and discuss them. This will take place on Saturdays beginning November 6, 2022 on Zoom. Recordings will be available for classes you miss and you will have lifetime access to all recordings. 

Joseph Campbell (The Power of Myth)

Star Wars review of episodes 4, 5, and 6

Harry Potter (and Rowling’s use of emotional draws)

Dune (world creation and mythic societies)

Lord of the Rings (emphasizing Tolkien’s Broken Narrative technique)

Phase Two: You will begin brainstorming and we’ll have lessons and assignments. At this point, we will move into smaller “brainstorming groups” so that you can brainstorm with others before each assignment. We’ll have lessons weekly on:

  1. Creating Epic Worlds and Societies
  2. Developing a Cast of Epic Characters
  3. Creating Epic Conflicts
  4. Plotting Your Novel by Weaving Narratives with Multiple Protagonists
  5. Epic Hooks/Immersive Viewpoint
  6. Finally, we’ll have you plot your epic novel and submit a summary to Rafael.

Each step of the way, you’ll get feedback on your assignments from critique partners and from #1 bestselling author, Rafael Hohmann.

Number of Students: This class is open to only 15 students, firm. We may open an audited section. This would allow you to attend the class but not receive feedback on assignments.

Where: All meetings will be on Zoom. 

Prerequisites: You should take the Advanced Story Puzzle and Writing Enchanting Prose before taking this course. You will be given access to all course materials when you register, so if you want to sign up early and review these materials or take the classes with other students, you can do that.

Cost: $990 The best way to make certain of your spot is to pay in full here, but if you need to break up the payments, choose a pricing option below 

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