318R Writing Course

About the Course

From 1999 to 2002, David Farland taught a popular science fiction and fantasy creative writing class at Brigham Young University. Some of his students from those classes went on to make millions.

  • Brandon Sanderson took it twice and has become one of the bestselling fantasy writers of our time.
  • Dan Wells also took it, and he became one of the bestselling writers of dark fantasy of the past three decades.
  • Stephenie Meyer took it and asked in a private consultation “How do I write the bestselling young adult novel of all time?” The book she penned has sold over 250 million copies in 37 different languages.

Who is David Farland

Course and Lecture Structure

"Each class will begin with a lecture, and I will have three quizzes, and three shorter two-page exercise assignments, too. So, I might ask you for example to create a character sheet for a single character, or to read a story so that you can understand a certain principle. But these assignments won’t take more than a couple of hours per week, and we won’t have them on most weeks. "

"We will divide you into critique groups for assignments so that you will have three other people whose work you will need to critique or brainstorm."

How Long is the Course?

The thirty classes will cover a multitude of topics on creative writing and the writing business. Here are some of the sample titles:

  1. What it Takes to Be a Professional Writer
  2. Brainstorming Like a Pro
  3. The Power of Setting
  4. Creating the Perfect Cast
  5. Focusing on Individual Characters
  6. Conflicts—The Engines of Your Story
  7. Treatment—Style, Tone, Voice
  8. How to Plot a Tale
  9. Composing Well, Fast, and Fun
  10. Hooking and Holding Your Reader
  11. Five Keys to Reaching a Massive Audience
  12. Designing a Great Scene
  13. Writing Powerful Dialog
  14. How Traditional Publishing Really Works
  15. Publishing Indie
  16. How to Make a Million—Strategies for Middle Grade, Young Adult, Genre Writers
  17. Screenwriting and the Film Business
  18. The Hollywood Greenlighting Process
  19. How films are Financed, Produced, and Distributed
  20. Income Streams for Writers
  21. And more!

What's the price?

The price for taking the the recordings of Farland's signature class will be $997.

Topics Covered:

The class curriculum is somewhat subject to change, but we’ll cover a wide range of information on writing, publishing, and marketing books.

The first class,” explains how writers make a living in this business and also tells why most of them fail.

We’ll then move in week two to brainstorming like a pro.

We’ll then study worldbuilding, characterization, developing your conflicts for books, and plotting novels—from simple short novels to epics.

We’ll advance to exercises on how to write completely immersive fiction that involves all of the senses.

From there, we’ll talk about how to submit novels for publication, and go into techniques for marketing your books.

We’ll then branch out into how to sell ancillary rights to your intellectual properties, including audiobooks, electronic book rights, foreign rights, videogames, and film—both movies and television series

There’s a reason why the lecture time on this is 30 hours!

I hope you join us. Over the years I’ve had dozens of writers say, “I wish I could have been in that 318R class.” Well, now you can, but I can’t guarantee that this will go on forever.

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